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Ocean Tides Activity

Grade Level: Middle School and High School Level

Overview: This activity is designed to show students the relationship between ocean tides and the
lunar movements. It uses the tide charts for Boston Harbor to show these relationships. It
has been used with both middle school and high school students with success.

Time Frame: The activity can be completed in two class periods, with time allowed out of class for each
student to complete his/her tide chart plotting.

1. Students will learn the effect the moon has on tidal ranges.
2. Students will plot high and low tides for an area as well as the lunar phases using actual
tidal data for a one-week period.
3. Students will learn that extremely high and low tides are related to very specific times of
the month..

Ocean Tides Activity: <pdf download>

Tide Plotting Chart: <pdf download>

2015 Tide Tables:

January 1 – January 24 <pdf download> January 25 – February 21 <pdf download>
February 22 – March 21 <pdf download> March 22- April 18 <pdf download>
April 19 – May 16 <pdf download> May 17 – June 13 <pdf download>
June 14 – July 11 <pdf download> July 12 – August 8 <pdf download>
August 9 – September 5 <pdf download> September 6 – October 3 <pdf download>
October 4 РOctober 31 <pdf download> November 1 РNovember 28  <pdf download>
November 29 – December 26 <pdf download> December 27 – December 31 <pdf download>

Past Tide Tables


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