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Plotting Absolute Locations

Grade Level: Middle school or high school

In this lesson students will use data from the brig Sullivan on a voyage from New Bedford early last century. They will use Lat. and Long. data to plot the sightings. Once the plots are entered on the chart, they can mark the voyage path in the North Atlantic, and discuss reasons for the length of time of the trip.

Lesson Time: One classroom period

Materials Needed:
• Data sheet
• Organism sheet
• North Atlantic Ocean Chart

Students will:
1. Plot the locations of the various organisms sighted on this voyage, and trace the ship’s path.
2. See the locations of the various organisms sighted on the voyage.
3. Understand why longitude locations on the chart have negative values, and locate the point from which
Longitude is measured

Activity: Plotting Absolute Locations <pdf download>

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