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Massachusetts Marine Educators has a number of awards given out annually to recognize excellence in Marine Education in Massachusetts. If you would like to nominate someone for one of the below awards, please fill out the MME award nomination form and send it to Lydia Breen at by March 15th, 2017.

Past Awardees

Please click here for a list of award recipients from 2006 to present.


MME Award Categories

MME Annual Award of Distinction
This very special award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions and dedication to Massachusetts Marine Educators as an organization and to the field of marine science. This award recognizes an individual who demonstrated a commitment to marine education that is evidenced by accomplishments in his/her community, school, business, or region.

MME Marine Educator Award
This award is given for outstanding effort and distinguished performance in the teaching of marine science. This award recognizes an individual’s ability to foster interest, appreciation, and love of the marine environment in the classroom setting.

Nap J. Buonaparte Service Award
The Nap J. Buonaparte Award is given in appreciation for outstanding and enthusiastic contributions to the Massachusetts Marine Educators. This award recognizes an individual who has provided outstanding assistance and support to the organization.

Joseph Balsama Service Award
This award recognizes an individual who has provided assistance and support to MME with special emphasis on service for the Boston Harbor Educator’s Conference.

MME Certificates of Appreciation
This certificate is presented for dedicated service and commitment to the advancement of marine science. It recognizes an individual or group’s commitment to promoting the mission of the Massachusetts Marine Educators.