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MME History

The Massachusetts Marine Educators (MME) is a non-profit chapter of the National Marine Education Association (NMEA).  Tracing it’s origins to marine-related teacher institutes offered by Suffolk University in the mid-to-late 1960s, some educators began to meet in 1967. When the New England Aquarium opened its doors in 1969, the group became the Sea Teachers.  With support from the University of Rhode Island’s Sea Grant program, a number of workshops and symposia further cemented the organization’s presence and mission.  It’s quarterly journal, Flotsam and Jetsam, was first published in 1972, and is still produced quarterly to this day. Of the signature events still held today, the first annual conference at WHOI was held in 1977, the first High School Marine Science Symposium in 1984, and the first Boston Harbor Educators Conference in 1985.


MME officially became a registered non-profit chapter of NMEA in 1979. A number of institutions have hosted MME events over the years, including Suffolk University, Salem State College (now University), Framingham State University, UMass Dartmouth, UMass Boston, the New England Aquarium, and Endicott College.  Dozens of dedicated educators, scientists, and administrators have supported MME over the years, and the organization has had as many as 300 members in its rich past.  MME was proud to host the annual NMEA conference in Boston in 2011.


For a more complete history of the organization, check out The Ship’s Log, written by Director Emeritus Jack Crowley in October 2012. (MME_Ship’s_Log)