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Contour Mapping with Optional 3-D Mapping

Grade Level: 5-12 Lesson Time: 1-2 hours Materials Required: 4 photocopies of the Map (one each in white, blue, green, and yellow) – in Activity PDF below Color markers (if color paper is unavailable) Rubber cement or glue stick Scissors Tape or thumbtacks Foam core or cardboard (optional) Cutting tool like a utility knife (optional) […]

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Sorting Sand Grains by Grain Size

Grade Level: 6-8 Lesson Time: 1-2 hours Materials Required: Gram balance Small paint brush Plain white paper Graph paper Samples of dry beach sand Sand sieve set (several sieves with a range in grain size from less than 0.1 mm to greater than 4 mm in diameter Summary: From the size and shape of its […]

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