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Ice Melt

Overview: With climate change and global warming, the Arctic Sea ice is melting at a faster rate than scientists once predicted. As ice melts from glaciers, ice bergs and sea ice, liquid water will be added to our seas, but will this result in rising sea levels? In this experiment we will test the idea […]

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Secrets of Sediments

Summary: During this activity, you will graph and analyze data from sediments collected off the coast of Santa Barbara, California to determine whether this information can be used to study historical climate change. Learning Objectives You will be able to: • graph data from sediments • interpret that data • draw conclusions from your data […]

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What is PPM

Overview: Rising Carbon Dioxide levels in our atmosphere have been linked to global warming and climate change. As CO2 levels increase in our air more of this compound enters our seas, changing the chemistry of the ocean making them more acidic. When we look at the make up of the Earthʼs air , 78% is […]

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Tread Lightly

Grade Level: 6-8 Lesson Time : 1 hour Materials Needed: student journals pens/pencils paper classroom board One copy per student of the article “Sale of Carbon Credits Helping Land-Rich, but Cash-Poor, Tribes,” found at computers with Internet access Overview: In this lesson, students learn about the exchange of carbon credits to offset corporate emissions. […]

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Plotting Absolute Locations

Grade Level: Middle school or high school Overview: In this lesson students will use data from the brig Sullivan on a voyage from New Bedford early last century. They will use Lat. and Long. data to plot the sightings. Once the plots are entered on the chart, they can mark the voyage path in the […]

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Ocean Tides Activity

Grade Level: Middle School and High School Level Overview: This activity is designed to show students the relationship between ocean tides and the lunar movements. It uses the tide charts for Boston Harbor to show these relationships. It has been used with both middle school and high school students with success. Time Frame: The activity […]

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