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Boston Harbor Educators Conference

Events - Boston Harbor Ed ConferenceBoston Harbor is a national treasure—for its intrinsic beauty, its wealth of resources and its place in American history. However, as we begin to discover (for newcomers) and continue to appreciate (for established visitors) these natural treasures, we are finding that “facts” we once thought incontrovertible are shifting. Our conference focuses on the life, science, and history of Boston Harbor and how you can bring this information into your classroom lessons. We hope that you leave the conference with a greater appreciation of Boston Harbor and its islands and the other marine resources just off our shore.

In honor of 2016 anniversary of the National Parks Service, the theme for the 2016 conference is “CELEBRATING BOSTON HARBOR: Changing the Tide for 21st Century Learners.” Join us for such features as:

  • KEYNOTE PRESENTERS: Giles Parker, Superintendent and Liza Stearns, Director of Education, National Parks Service
    • Build a Valuable Oceanographic Research Tool – Ariadne Dimoulas, Educational Passages
    • Using Data to Create a Sustainable Future for the Boston Fish Pier – Kathryn Buckley, Robert H Adams Middle School
    • Fast or Slow: Comparing the Development of the Harbors of Boston and Barcelona – Dr. Mary Mallory, Sea Education Association
    • Dwayne the Storm Drain – Meg Tabacski, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
  • FIELD TRIP to Spectacle Island in the afternoon

Event Details

  • Cost:
    • MME Member: $65* (includes lunch and bag)
    • Non Member: $95* (includes lunch, bag, and half-year membership)
    • MME Student: $25 (includes lunch and bag)
    • non-MME Student: $T40 (includes lunch, bag, and half-year membership)
    • *Early bird discount of $5 before September 15
  • Contact: Please email with any questions

Looking for even more details? Download the flyer.

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